Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beer news

Hi again,
Well, it's the middle of the night and I'm brewing.
Today it's Fatty Bomblatty and English Special on the brew list.
We had a great time at the City brewery beer & cheese event last weekend, Woody and Donna said they had fun in Wausau too.
Then there is Jim and Pic, it was old home weekend for them up in Menomonee Saturday afternoon.
We all saw some freinds and all in all it was good to be out.
I found Jim's picture of our money we sent over to Germany a while back and thought you might want to see it. Remember, it's only for a 1 year supply of hops.
Alright, maybe not all of it but it is a whole bunch!
Friday night was another hoot, Sherry brought in her homemade pizza, Carl had some bear sausages and Tom & Char loaded up the bar with cheese and crackers.
That is just the ones that I ate, I'm sure I saw more but can't keep track of all the good food.
Thanks to everyone!
Speaking of food, The beer fest is coming up soon.
Sounds like there will be plenty of beer, wine, cheeses and meats to go around!
The athletic boosters are doing a great job getting things lined up.
Now all we need is good weather on May 17.
Tickets are available on line at www.sandcreekbrewing.com , here at the brewery, Buzz and Brew downtown and the Coop Credit Union.
Hope to see you all there!
Well got to go, the beer is waiting.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Winter aint' gone yet!

Hey everyone,
Things are getting busy around here but we are just waiting for spring.
We would like to welcome our newest employee, Brian Crabtree, who started this week.
Being the slavedriver that I am, I worked his fingers bloody in only 4 days.
He bottled, kegged and helped me brew 2 days this week and still says he will be back Monday!

Things are getting closer for the Black River Brew Fest, tickets and posters are at the printers.
Sand Creek will be the on-line sales site along with the Buzz and Brew shop and Co-op Credit Union here in town.
So far it looks like about 12 breweries, 10 wineries and 6 local butcher shops and cheese vendors will be here for the event.
This is more than beer, the sports boosters have linned up meat and cheese vendors so you don't have to just drink you can try some great local food.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hey everybody!
Things are rolling along here at the brewery, I'm brewing and Woody's kegging Frostop rootbeer.
I will be brewing St. Croix Maple today. Thats two brews this week ! Griesedieck Pils http://www.gb-beer.com/
was brewed yesterday.

Saturday tours will start MAY 3.
Tours take about 40 to 60 min. and include samples of our products.
Friday tours are after 3pm.
The bar stays open for a few hours more!
See you there.
I will be in Superior this weekend with my darling bride and the "FOB"s Kevin & Lizzie.
As always your favorite brewmaster,