Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday nights party,

Hi everyone Todd here,
Big news 'round the brewery this weekend. We were featured in the Travel Section of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Click HERE for Journal Sentinal Article.
We knew it was coming up but did not think it would be so soon.
Great article and pictures, thanks for the great work Gary.
Gary also stopped in to see Hideaway Jacks in Chaseburg, a really cool bar with a tasty beer selection!
The SC**W WINTER party was held on Friday night with smoky success. Kevin did his normal job of perfection with everything on the smoker. Beef brisket, pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin, salmon, pork chops, chicken and whatever slowed down to be smoked was on the menu for the night.
We of course had more food than needed, but that just means leftovers!
A big thanks goes out to Bill for dropping us some cash for the pork and beef along with everyone else who brought in goodies for the evening.
We had quite a few new faces in at the bar and made a bunch of new friends.
That is what beer is good for.
Big week planned, 2 days of brewing to start with and bottling first thing on Wednesday followed with filtering and more brewing.
Dan will be hard at work kegging and making Frostop root beer too.
2 weeks to go before the Gitchee Gumee in Superior,
See you there!

(Brewery Tours are held on Friday's at 3pm and starting May 3rd - Saturday's from 12n - 4pm)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St Patty"s

Hi everyone!

Looks like we made it thru another St Patty's day. I myself had a bit of the Irish whisky last night to celebrate. A bit of Oscar's didn't hurt either!

Things are looking better on the hop front for us but I am not going to say it's perfect yet, let's just get thru this year.

Over the weekend Woody and Donna went up to Tomahawk to do some sampling and as per usual Donna sold clothes like they were water in a desert. That girl has a nack for selling panties!

This Friday is our *uc* Winter party here at the brewery. Everyone is invited for the $1 pints and food. Kevin is bringing in the smoker and he will be cooking up pork tenderloin and beef brisket. If you haven't been around to taste his work you are missing it. Why Kevin spent his life getting stressed out in prison I'll never know. His calling was smoking, heck he could have been just as stressed out running a restaurant! The fighting and threats would have been the same!

If your coming just bring in a little something to pass.
This weekend is Easter so make sure you are stocked up on your favorites because the Easter bunny is just like Santa, he likes to find a little something waiting for him when he's delivering the Easter eggs!
Well, it's the middle of the night and I'm brewing so I best get back to work.
Hope to see you all on Friday.

Monday, March 10, 2008

4 Years in Black River Falls!

On March 10th of 2004 the Sand Creek Brewing was officially moved to Black River Falls! So I guess this is our Anniversary! Whats going on you may ask? Well true to form , Todd was in at the wee hours of the morning to make sure that we have our famous Sand Creek Hard Lemonade available!

Other than that business has been good and you can tell spring is in the air. Look for us up in Tomahawk this Saturday! The event will be staffed by the infamous Woody Burns and his darling bride Donna. Don't worry folks - Donna will have plenty of thongs to sell!

Be sure to stop in on Fridays for our great tours and tap-room time. Door opens at 3pm.

Also! starting May 3rd - the brewery will be open for tours and fun from 12 noon till 4pm.

See you all soon!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thanks Brett!

Well all you diehard Packer fans - we knew this day was coming. It was interesting how I found out about #4 retiring. Yesterday I was on the way over to the Wisconsin Brewers Guild quarterly meeting in Stevens Point (at the Point Brewery - thanks Joe!) and whilst driving, being the news junkie that I am caught at the VERY last sentence of the broadcast "Coach McCarthy announces Brett's retirement". The radio station immediately goes back to playing music.

No comment, No nothing?


I then start channel surfing and get nothing, nada zip zero zilch. Ok guess I will find out later. Which I did finally after my meeting 5 hours later on the way home. What i thought was interesting is that even the PBS stations were devoting an hour of their air time in tribute!

Well that being said, I know he will be sorely missed in the grand scheme of football. I know my kids will miss him too. Truly the greatist quarterback/ironman in the NFL.

Brett - if you ever find your way in BRF - the beer is on me!

Had to post a picture of when he played his best game EVAH! - Oakland - MNF! 399 yards thrown! 4 touchdowns what a tribute to Big Irv. Nuff said!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March fun

Well it's another lovely day in BRF. We have a bit of brewing to do along with some repairs to our bottle filler. Our buddy Tom is coming down from MSP to give us a hand. Tom really knows his stuff about our filler. So it looks like I will be up to my pits in grease again today. I won't be alone, Kevin wants to come in and help. I think its the "pain is only pleasure in disguise" thing he likes!

On another note we are still waiting on our first hop order, I would rather spend the money on other things this time of the year but the hop guys want money first. I heard the mob was tough, they never met the hop guys!

Dan and Donna did the Hops and Props last weekend in Oshkosh with great success. Donna sold out of panties!