Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday is here!!

Well we have made it through another week. Today - well at least starting in the late hours of Thursday, Todd started brewing up another batch of our famous Sand Creek Hard Lemonade! Odd, we seem to have a hard time keeping it in stock thanks to all of you!

There is also a batch of Furthermore's Proper being run through the beer machine today as well with help from El Fuego.

Tom and I went out and poured beer at The Black River Rumble last night at Camp NCN. This event attracts about 1000 bikers for camping, riding and general mischief. The beer flowed well and it seemed everyone was having a good time. We had many of the folks there happy to see us again and met many new folks trying Sand Creek Hard Lemonade, Groovy Brew and Oscar's Chocolate Oatmeal Stout for the first time!

We will be open at 3pm for our usual Stammtisch and tours. We will also be open on this saturday for tours from Noon till 4pm.

PLEASE NOTE! The brewery will be closed next Friday and Saturday in observance of the 4th and some well needed time with friends and family. You can however, stop out and enjoy the fireworks and music from Vic Ferrari at the annual Fest in the Park. All activities are held at the Lunda Park.

Have a safe weekend everyone!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Change at the Brewery!

Greetings everyone!

Just wanted to drop a quick note - but effective this past Monday (the 16th), the Sand Creek Brewing Company has done the dramatic change of switching over to pry off bottles. No more twist offs! I will keep a list of proprietary beers that have been bottles in the margins of the blog. We did this since our glass bottle changed again and we decided to go with the pry off bottle. This will help keep our beer fresher as well as help out our home brewing buddys!

Enjoy and start using that opener!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beer in the Works.

Greetings everyone - as usual we have a lot going on here at the brewery.

Today - Todd is brewing up another batch of Golden Ale - hard to keep kegs in stock when it is selling so well. He is also brewing the Shipwreck Blond for our friends up in Door County.

Last week Wednesday the brewery had a fella by the name of Daniel McConnell (and his droooling dog Rocky!) swing by the brewery. Daniel is a Vet crossing the good 'ol USA - checking out the country and meeting interesting folks. Rocky's job is to drool wherever he goes! Both are doing their jobs quite well and the tale of his travels can be found HERE! We hosted a smaller version of our steak feed with our friends from the brewery and a good time was had by one and all.

The planning for our 2nd Annual Oktoberfest celebration is going well - looks like we will be adding a Show and Shine Car show for the event as well as expanding the number of craft/street vendors. The date has not changed and it is still scheduled for the first Saturday of October (the 4th) and will run from 10am - 7pm(ish) Rain or shine! Music will be provided by the Legendary Wally Pikal followed by Gary Brueggen and the Ridgeland Dutchmen and capped off by our friends Atlantic Wave. I think with this range of music we should appeal to just about everyone. Food and Drink of course will be available in copious amounts. We will also be selling a Limited Edition 22 oz beer stein for the event. A portion of the proceeds from the mug sales will be used to provide flood relief for Wisconsin.

Well thats all for now - dont forget we are open this Saturday from 12noon - 4pm for tours. If your around - feel free to stop by!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A word from above

Hey everyone!
No I haven't fallen in to the tank(yet), I have just been very busy.
Beer sales have been great this summer and we are working as hard as we can to keep up.
Not a bad problem.
Today is a brew day and the boys are making Lemonade.
Donna came in so that we can have boxes for bottling tomorrow.
There is always something to do around here.
I missed out on the smoked brisket last Friday, I had to move my daughter into a new apartment in Whitewater.
I did make it back in time for the last round, so all was not lost.

The Rustic Mill re-opened last week so we have again a new customer selling our beers.
The gang down at Nico's on Water st. are also new to the resturant business here in town.
We had some of their fine Mexican food about a week ago, good stuff!!
Rossario's opened up while back as a bar with pizza but they are working on a kitchen so they can roll out their Italian foods.
Re-Pete's and the Orange Moose are also suporting us with our beers on tap.
A big thanks to all and we wish you the best in your businesses.
If you are in town looking for a place to eat please stop in and support the places that support us.
On a sad note Molly's shut down a couple of weeks ago so the biggest local account is now gone.
There are rummors that it might open again soon.
Keep your eyes open for news!

We will be in Eagle River this weekend at the Great Northern beer fest.

Tours continue on Saturdays from Noon 'til 4 pm so if you're in town stop by.