Monday, April 19, 2010


Why must the beer wholesalers association mess with the small brewer? Once again they are looking to restrict or eliminate the brewer's right to:
  1. The unrestricted right to hold a wholesale license for the distribution of malt beverages.
  2. The right to sell beer,
  3. The right to approve or change wholesalers,
  4. The right to hold 2 class b licenses with restaurants.
  5. The right to have a distributor to hold a financial interest in a brewery(private or public).
As a small brewer we enjoy a cooperative and warm relationship with all of our Wholesaling partners. Without them - we would not be able to get our product to you! What we are seriously frustrated about is the radical modifications to the three tier system being made by a handful of distributors who have not included us in meaningful discussions with the small brewers of Wisconsin.Why are we be excluded? Any change of this MAGNITUDE will certainly affect our ability to succeed in Wisconsin.

For the record - The interaction between the Wisconsin Beer Distributors Association and The Wisconsin Brewers Guild has been done these following times:
  • Summer of 2009 - Multiple meetings were held with affiliated industry members discussing the formation of a Brewer’s coalition WBDA was invited and did not attend a single meeting.
  • Fall of 2009 - Multiple overtures were made to WBDA and members requesting a joint Board meeting.
  • January 2010 - An informal meeting between one Guild member and one WBDA member nothing was in writing. The Craft Brewer’s were assured joint discussions would occur and there was no urgency. The Craft brewer’s reiterated their interest in a joint meeting.
  • February 2010 - The WBDA proposal was forwarded to the Craft Brewer’s Guild.
  • March 2010 - Craft Brewer’s responded to WBDA their opposition to the proposal and requested a joint meeting.
  • March 29 - First joint legislative negotiating meeting between WBDA and Guild.
  • April 5 - Second joint legislative meeting.
  • April 12 - Third joint legislative meeting.
  • April 14- Guild was notified that the WBDA could not come to agreement and would not negotiate further on the proposal in drafting.
  • April 19 - Craft Brewer’s waiting to see draft of proposal.
We (the Wisconsin Brewers Guild- Small Brewers) are being portrayed as uncooperative and that this legislation is good for small brewers. Portrayed by the WBDA.

Dear WBDA - Please stop trying to help us. We don't need this kind of help.

To all of our fans out there! PLEASE CONTACT your State Representatives. Please use points above when doing so. THANKS!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black River Falls - Great Tastes Festival!

Hey all - There is a great event coming up in May! The Black River Falls Great Tastes Festival will be held at the Lunda Memorial Area - on May 1st from 4pm - 8pm. Tickets are available at the brewery, Buzz N Brew Shop or the Co-op Credit Union for $20 in advance - $25 at the door. This event will have all the major food groups covered. Beer, Meat, Cheese and wine. See you there!