Thursday, November 13, 2008

Been kinda busy....

Greetings all

Just a few things going on here at the brewery. We are getting close to releasing our newest Special Reserve 4 pack. This time around it is a twisted up Scotch Ale - heavy on the twist, easy on the Scotch - way crazy on the twist. It is called:

Wisconsin Scottish Ale. We named it in honor of our clansmen and fellow drinkers of the Wisconsin Scottish Society based out of Milwaukee!

I will post up a picture of the label shortly.

Other than that - Todd and Nate have been brewing their prospective noogies off in preparation of a HUGE order of beer which shall be sold through a beer club! (Approximately 4400 cases) The beers that will be featured are the English Style Special Ale and Woody's Wheat!

Mark shall be pouring our fine Sand Creek Products at the "99 Bottles of Beer" premier being held at the Orpheum Theatre in Madison Wisconsin. The event starts at 7pm . Ticket cost is $7.50 ($5.50 student)

Come check out the movie and find out about Wisconsin's Brewing Heritage and catch Todd's witty conversation (ha!)

Oh if you were following the saga of the trademark/label - all is well and the issues have been resolved promptly. Thanks boys.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just get out there and.....


Follow your brain -make your own choice.

This has been public service message from your favorite brewery.