Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brewery News - March edition!

Hey all

Sorry to neglect the blog - I personally blame Facebook which has had a ton of posts on it concerning new releases and such. On that note - if you are already on FB you can find our official Sand Creek Brewery News group page - lots of pictures and commentary as well.

Well this has been one crazy 1st quarter of the new year! So far we are having our BEST quarter ever! We have produced over 1200 bbls of beer so far. I have a hunch we may hit 1400 in the next couple of weeks! This makes us happy!

Coming up TOMORROW (3/19/2010) is our 3rd annual Screw Winter Party. As you can guess there is snow in the forecast for Friday! So to help cushion the blow so to speak we shall be releasing our latest Special Reserve (drum roll please....thank you) Ulrich's Authentic Dopplebock! Its big, its crazy - for gods sake dont drink a ton of it and expect to be coherent! Giddy yes - but NO driving. It will be available in draft this Friday and in bottles in the coming weeks.

Other Huge news! Our Sand Creek Mug Club officially kicks off tomorrow. First come first served - we have 45 mugs available for purchase. This is a fine 22 oz ceramic mug with our nifty building on the front of it. Mugs will cost $25 bucks with a fill. Thereafter, the refills will be only $3. Mugs can be left here waiting patiently for your return trip. You also have the option of taking it home but you will be responsible for the safety and structural integrity of your drinking vessel. This program runs for one year - so the next series will be available at NEXT years Screw Winter Party! Mug club members will also have other exclusive benefits which may range from private tastings, information of upcoming events, or whatever else we can think of! (Sand Creek reserves the right to change, alter and otherwise manipulate this Mug Club program - offers not valid outside of the continental USA and Jackson County) Hows that for the fine print!

That is all for now! See you all here tomorrow!

I just noticed that the blog is not reporting the correct day (well at least on MY pc) This was posted on Thursday the 18th of March!

Friday, March 5, 2010

ok - had a brain schism

My good friends Tom and Bill pointed out that I forgot to post the date of our Screw Winter party! Hard to believe. Its coming up on March 19th! Doors will open at 3pm and music shall commence at 7 or 8.

Music will be provided by Garrett Gilbertson and his band.