Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a week so far..

No wait - its ONLY Tuesday!

Greetings everyone from your favorite, busier than hell brewery! There is a ton of stuff going on here at the building on the hill. Starting last night and will proceed into this evening - Todd and Nate are brewing up 120 bbls of fine drinkables both for our own use and for our contract customers. This will be followed up by a serious day of bottling our famous Sand Creek Hard Lemonade and our year around fav - Oscar's Chocolate Oatmeal Stout.

Ooh baby - that gets us through Wednesday. Thursday - more filtering followed by yet another day of brewing of Lemonade and One Planet Ale! Sheesh you guys are THIRSTY!

And thank you very much!

Coming up this weekend there are two stellar events taking place:

First of all we have the 2nd Annual Tegarosa / Sand Creek Barn party being held out at the ranch! The event runs from 2p - 9p with vittles being ready around 5p, Bring a dish to pass. There is a musical change in this years entertainment - right now its going to be me(jim), Tom K and Billy Z singing Kareoke unless we find a suitable replacement! (for the love of all that is holy - we shall find some...) No matter what we hear for tunes - I do know that the food and beer will be great with good friends!

Additionally - there is the Great Northern Brewfest which will be hosted by our returning Woody Burns and his darling bride Donna. The event runs from 2p - 6pm. This event is this Saturday, June 12th at the Hi-Pines Campground in Eagle River. More information can be found at:

Great Northern Brewfest

Well thats all for now! Make sure you check out our links and definitely check out Ernie's House of Whoop Ass! (EHOWA). Great Site - features adult commentary, pictures and stuff. Not for the kiddos ok?

Thanks Ernie!