Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy, Busy,Busy

Hey everybody!
Been working my butt off getting beer out to the worlds greatest beer drinkers.
I just spent 9 days in Georgia enjoying the sweltering heat and humidity, couldn't imagine brewing in that heat all day!
We stopped in to see a bunch of brewpubs and the gang at Terrapin brewing.
Stopped in on a Friday afternoon and the place was about done for the week but in the world of beer we always have time to tip a few back with fellow brewers.
John rolled out a couple of their 22oz. bombers full of rauchbier. That was nicely smoked and very drinkable.
We also had some of their imperial pilsner and I think it was an imperial IPA, both great beers.
Everything we tried was good, Nancy was glad we stopped, so was Kirsten.
We also stopped in at the 5points bottle shop store in Athens, Man they had the selection.
We were in single malt heaven and the beers were well taken care too.
I think there might be another trip in the plans for beer drinking down south!
But for now I must get back to keeping production up so that we don't run out of beer.
The Great Taste is next weekend and I'm not sure if we will be open, It's best to check the phone message before you drive out to see us.

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