Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brew Day

Hey everyone!
Well it's 10:30 pm and I am just starting my days work.
By the 6:00 pm news I will have brewed another cases of beer.
Gosh I just love brewing.
Cranberry season has started so I am brewing the first of many batches of our Cranberry Special ale. For the new readers this is a clean smooth cranberry beer made with a large amount of cranberry juice. By large I mean 55 gal. drums of the stuff.
We're not going to make a fruit beer and just get by adding a gallon of "essence" to give the beer the taste.
We use the real juice in our beers not like our friends North of here. Their ads on the radio say that their "shanty beer" has "all natural flavoring".
Here is an idea...Try using the real fruit juice!!
Friday night was the Sand Creek world premere of 99 bottles, Wisconsin brewery documentary in the tap room.
We all got a kick at seeing both Jim and myself in the movie. Remarks were flying at a breakneck pace!
All in all I think we did a great job. Most of the viewers thought that we were the most professional looking and sounding. I don't think it takes much against some of these guys :).
It was good to see some of our old friends on the screen too.
Jim is working on getting a few more copies to sell here in the tap room.
So keep your eyes open.
Well, all for now.
I've got beer mashing and I have to go stir it or I will be making pancake batter!
See you all soon.

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