Friday, October 17, 2008

Things to do at 4 in the morning

Hi everyone,
Yes, I haven't fallen in to a kettle...yet.
Things have been busy still here at the brewery.
We surpassed last years production a couple of weeks ago, so now the rest is just increase!
Remember the economy is BAD, and people are not spending money.
People will always spend money on things that are good. I had heard yesterday that 7000 toy factories in China closed this year. This was after last years lead paint mess up and the fact that Americans are not buying junk toys at the same rate as they had in previous years.
It all comes down to quality, that is what I strive for everyday.
My boys here at the brewery think I am a big prick sometimes, but It is my livelihood in every bottle and I won't let someone else screw it up.
I'm not saying that I am the greatest boss but I have worker for worse in machine shops over the years!

Last night was the home brewers meeting here at the brewery and it went off without a hitch.
Plenty of new faces and a lively discussion on everything brewing.
They even brewed up a batch for the November 20 pot luck Christmas party.
Looks pretty good to me. A 6% red ale with Cascade and German Select hops.
The recipe is an adaptation of the Sierra Nevada Celebration ale.

I decided to stay over at the brewery last night as the home brewers finished up at 10:00.
Driving home and being back in 3 hours sounded like a waste of time to me.
I wonder..will I get overtime for this? I bet if Obama has his way I will have to "share my wealth" with the others.
If any of "the others" would like to work my schedule they are more than welcome to have a piece of my "wealth."
Jim and Todd at the brewery would like to share their debt load any time with "Joe the plumber."
We work hard for what we have and one of these days we might even be able to get a raise from what we started at 5 years ago. Most small business owners like us roll as much as they can back into the business to get it to grow in the first years, sometime I would like to be able to stop doing that.
Oh yea, Both of my girls have now met Sen. McCain in person. Kir rode with him on the 6 seat train under the US Capital a few years ago and Brit had her picture taken with him in La Crosse.

Today's production is Furthermore Proper followed next week my our first few batches for the "Beer of the Month Clubs". Looks like November will be a very busy month bottling and brewing those beers up.
English Special and Woody's Wheat are on the order, so place your Christmas orders now!

Now for something completely different....
Sherry is back from Germany today so her "cleaning boy Lief" has been hard at work throwing away the beer bottles and pizza boxes he acquired while she was gone!
Ask him to show you where the Musky attacked him last week!
I was also out at Sanburg Valley meats this week to pick up a deer that Rollie processed for us.
Looks like we will have chili this winter for Friday nights.
The plans are also in the works for a brewery Christmas party in December too.

Enough with all of this fun, time to go back to work.
The beer doesn't just make itself !!

Respectively submitted,

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