Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hey everyone.
Todd here, back from Vegas.
Yes it was warmer, about 60 in the day and 40's at night.
Had a great time with my mom spending upwards of 12 hrs. a day in the casinos.
Yes you can say that when I gamble I like to get my dollars worth.
I have seen most of the sights and since I stay at her home I am not trapped on the Strip like most visitors.
We put most of our time in the outskirts at "local" casinos. These have a more personal touch and the limits are usually lower.
I did have a few beers while I was there but was not impressed so I was forced to drink large amounts of Knob Creek and Makers Mark. I took one for the team!
I drank the always fine Sierra Nevada Pale Ale but was disappointed with the other beers.
The first was Widmer Hefeweise, this beer was cloudy but it tasted like it was brewed with a simple ale yeast and then cloud or a hazy yeast was added later. Really bland without any of the weiss flavors I expected, Woody's blows it out of the glass!
The next beer witch was not as a good as I wanted was a local micro.
Tenaya Creek was the company, It was a cool thing that they were in a major casino but the beer was just laking a bit.
I had the Nut Brown witch was not very well carbonated and had a bit of extra sweetness.
I'm thinking that they are pushing the beers thru too fast.
They had no infections or real off flavors but it was not one of my favs.

Just another reminder to all...
Big party on Febuary 6 with Atlantic Wave here @ the brewery.
See you there.

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