Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Catching up

Yes I am alive!
Every one's favorite brewmaster is busy at work filling the pipeline with beer.
Nate and I have been brewing non stop since Monday night at midnight.
Here as I write this it is 1:20 am. on Wednesday and I have just mashed in the last batch, only about 5 more hours to go until that one is in the tank. By the way, that would be 140 bbls. of brewing or about 2000 cases of beer.

The reason for the brew schedule?
First it was the painting we did 2 weeks ago and then we had a miscalculation on our grain in the silo, ARRRG, brain fart!
Finally I came in Sunday night at Midnight to start the brewing and found that my boiler was not working right.
After a few hours of working on it I went to the couch to catch a nap, it was 2 am. and my water was not going to get hot!
Later in the morning with the help of our heating guy Dean, we found the problem in a bad brain box.
Without the brain box the boiler would not fire up, heck we couldn't even cheat and make it work!
Later on Monday afternoon I had some help come from our in-house HVAC god Rob.
Rob had just the right part to get us back on the road to making beer, it is just a temporary fix until the replacement come in but It works.

There, now you are caught up to the joyous things that a brewmaster has to put up on a daily basis.
With that I am back to work and hope to see you all on Friday night for the Screw Winter Party.

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