Friday, September 18, 2009

Ah yes Friday!

Greetings folks!

Well we have made it through to another Friday and like most weeks around here it was a big one. Todd and Nate were brewing machines kicking out a total of 160 bbls of beer brewed and filtering down to package about the same! Whew! We sure have come along way in 5 years!

Next week we will be releasing our Fall seasonal the "Cranberry Special Ale" - be sure to look for it on the shelves in your local purveyor of fine Sand Creek products. We have been working hard at designing and redesigning several of our 6 packs. The good news is one is done but many left to go!

Last weekend was the 10th Annual Clearwater brewfest sponsored by us! It was a great event with nearly 700 participants and lots of great beer from area micro-breweries. Tom, Char, Pic, Tooti, myself and my good friend Kevin poured beer. As you might guess the Hard Lemonade was quite the hit but our bigger beers of Oscar, Wild Ride, English Style Special and the Scotch Ale were all well received! Special thanks to the organizers of the event and to Chris and the gang from Park Ridge distributing for making it a smashing success! Mark your calendar for the 11th annual Clearwater Brewfest - which will be on September 11th 2010.

This week we are pouring beer down at the Great Lakes Brewfest - friends of the program (read: Mark's Sister and friends) will be pouring our products for this great event.

Planning for our 3rd Annual Oktoberfest is coming along nicely. We have over 20 craft vendors signed up SO FAR! The car show should be a dandy with the added antique motorcycles being put on display. We will have a rock climbing wall set up too! Of course add music, food and beer and we should have a record event! Be sure to show up and witness Todd tell the tale of Oktoberfest and the golden keg at 1pm.

If there are any friends of the brewery that wish to volunteer to work the festival - Drop me an email at so I can get you on the list.

We of course will be open Friday night for our usual fun and games. Only a couple of Saturdays left for tours (the last day of tours on Saturday is on the 3rd of October during the fest)


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