Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Must have been the weather...

Oh hell cant even use that to describe what happened to our Packers this last weekend! It was in freakin. FLORIDA! Ok not to beat a dead horse called the OFFENSIVE LINE - but lets get it fixed k?

Ok now for some idle brewery thoughts - first off we here at the brewery have been getting our facebook page and all that jazz set up. Facebook made it easy to get our event pictures posted and the first album up is from our Halloween Party. SO if you are into it all - find our Sand Creek Brewery News - Facebook page and become a fan. Post thoughts, incriminating pictures and join in the discussions. I guess my question to you all is ... should this blog be maintained in conjunction with Facebook?

Today, Todd and Nate are brewing up a bit of contract brew and a batch of Oscar. Tomorrow we are bottling like crazy and then its an easy slide down to the weekend! Looks like Brother Bill will be pouring beer at the Green Bay Fest being held this Friday. Check our web page for further details.

Well thats it for now! Have a good Tuesday.

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