Monday, February 1, 2010

Oooh That was a fast month! - February is here!

Hey all! I just realized we only had ONE measly post for January. Personally I blame the snow and ice for slowing down progress. Cant say that about the beer production though - first month of the year and we are rocking hard and fast. Lots of good things happened this past month. We got in out TWO new fermenters and we should have beer in them within the next couple of weeks!

It was a crazy month for events too! We hosted several private parties for friends and such, Two weeks ago we had the local Volleyball Tournament celebration and this past weekend we were honored by being able to host a 50th wedding anniversary party! Super - mucho - excellente time was had by one and all. This was complete with an Celtic band from LaCrosse - The Amadans! The main course of BOTH events was catered in by our friends and partners in crime - Kevin and Lizzie from the Tegarosa Cattle Company. Truthfully - I am STILL full. The ribs, brisket and pork loin were the bomb. Even the humble chicken thighs were stellar beyond belief. Thanks to Joyce and Ray (and the rest of the clan) for adopting us into your family! Lori - we are still picking up all those golden bells!

We even had Cora's brother, Brutus, come visit us! Twas a doggie weekend at the brewery!

This week is much like the last week - Filtering beer, brewing beer, and bottling beer! Good thing we slow down during the winter. Theoretically the new tanks should be plumbed by the end of the week. This weekend we will be pouring beer up in Chippewa Falls. We will be open on Friday at 3pm for our usual fun and games. Have a fun and safe week.


Smellfree said...

Ahh yes - And Brewtus had a blast too...(um...notice the spelling, Uncle Jim - yes tis tru...)

Was a ton o fun seein u again and meetin' all the fun people...June seems like a long ways a way....

Thanks for the "special" treatment, tours and meat. Yum.

-Brewtus's Dad

Pamela said...

Can't THANK all the Sand Creek family ENOUGH! The afterglow is still in full burn with lots of sharing and smiling going on. The brew was fabulous, the food was outstanding, the music was heartwarming and the people who gathered to celebrate my folks 50th...truly gifts from above! Sure glad my li'l bro Lyall hangs with all you wonderful weirdos :) !

Hugs to my siblings, folks, family, and new friends at Sand Creek...including Brutus and Cora!

Thank You Thank You Thank You

Pam and Fam from Madtown

Joyce said...

We may have to go thru formal adoption process to keep you guys in BRF in the family, between the brewing and cooking we want to keep you. Absolutely FANTABULOUS party. Many, many kudos to you all.
Ray and Lyall's Mom (Joyce)