Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day weekend!

YAY! big ol holiday weekend is upon us! Great times for friends, family, food and of course beverages to wash it all down with! The Brewery will be open at 3pm with tours at 3:30 today! We will be closed this Saturday in observance of the Memorial Day weekend. Stop in for a pint and come on in for your beverage needs. I am so happy its Friday!

Quite the week we have had too. Todd and Nate brewed 140 bbls of beer, filtered down the same and a bit more. I have been hearing talk as well about our next Special reserve too. I am thinking its going to be big and hoppy. Perfect for MID-summer. Many festivals coming up. Next weekend we will be pouring beer in New Richmond and Milwaukee. This weekend Mark is pouring up at the Kholer event!

Be safe everyone - spend some time with your friends and family and dont forget to raise a pint in honor to those who have sacrificed all.

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