Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March fun

Well it's another lovely day in BRF. We have a bit of brewing to do along with some repairs to our bottle filler. Our buddy Tom is coming down from MSP to give us a hand. Tom really knows his stuff about our filler. So it looks like I will be up to my pits in grease again today. I won't be alone, Kevin wants to come in and help. I think its the "pain is only pleasure in disguise" thing he likes!

On another note we are still waiting on our first hop order, I would rather spend the money on other things this time of the year but the hop guys want money first. I heard the mob was tough, they never met the hop guys!

Dan and Donna did the Hops and Props last weekend in Oshkosh with great success. Donna sold out of panties!

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