Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thanks Brett!

Well all you diehard Packer fans - we knew this day was coming. It was interesting how I found out about #4 retiring. Yesterday I was on the way over to the Wisconsin Brewers Guild quarterly meeting in Stevens Point (at the Point Brewery - thanks Joe!) and whilst driving, being the news junkie that I am caught at the VERY last sentence of the broadcast "Coach McCarthy announces Brett's retirement". The radio station immediately goes back to playing music.

No comment, No nothing?


I then start channel surfing and get nothing, nada zip zero zilch. Ok guess I will find out later. Which I did finally after my meeting 5 hours later on the way home. What i thought was interesting is that even the PBS stations were devoting an hour of their air time in tribute!

Well that being said, I know he will be sorely missed in the grand scheme of football. I know my kids will miss him too. Truly the greatist quarterback/ironman in the NFL.

Brett - if you ever find your way in BRF - the beer is on me!

Had to post a picture of when he played his best game EVAH! - Oakland - MNF! 399 yards thrown! 4 touchdowns what a tribute to Big Irv. Nuff said!

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