Wednesday, September 3, 2008

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall!

Well I know we make alot of beers but not quite 99 bottles.. What I am referring to is a cool documentary on the beer history of some of the breweries in the state! Last February, Todd and I were interviewed by David Oplinger and Glen Popple about our brewery. Instead of a tour approach to the brewing business it was more along the lines of "how the heck did you get in this" and "What kind of people do you meet" and other such tales. It was a good day Todd the lucky dog got to do his portion of the interview in our comfortably warm tap room. I lucked out and sat on the forklift in a COLD warehouse!(Colder than a witches wazoo btw!) At any rate, the documentary "99 Bottles of Beer" is now out for your viewing pleasure. Cant say that we have seen it yet but I bet we will this weekend!

For more information on the Documentary, just check out their website at:

99 Bottles of Beer!.

Ok - now for other news. This weekend is the Clearwater Brewfest being held at the Eau Claire Expo Center from 3 - 6pm. We are the beer sponsors of the event and it is a great opportunity to go out and sample some of the best darn beer made in the state. There will be breweries from all over the state attending. Be there or be square.

Todd has been busy brewing another award winning beer again. Today he brewered up some fine Woody's Wheat - Award winning you ask? Of course it is,our favorite Woody's Wheat beer is now the GRAND CHAMPION WHEAT BEER according to the United State Beer tasting Championship! More information on the event can be found here:

United States Beer Tasting Championships

Congrats Todd!

So there! Gives more credence to the term "Gimme a Woody!"

Anywho - back to brewing. Todd also brewed up our next batch of Sand Creek Special Reserve. This time around it is..well, hard to describe. A Scotch ale. Well thats not accurate. A winter warmer with a twist. That might be closer. Truthfully there is no classification to this beer. It has a traits of many beers and it will be big in the warming department and bigger in the malt and flavor department! More details as soon a we can make them up! Stay tuned!

We will have our usual fun on Friday but will be CLOSED on Saturday due to the fest up in Eau Claire! Woody and his darling bride will be at the Lions Brewfest in Wisconsin Rapids.

Later folks! Check out the web site for more details! Leave a comment! (anybody reading these?)

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Tom said...

Congratulations Todd! Nice to get acknowledgement for a great beer! See you Friday and this Saturday is Clearwater! Woo Hoo! Yes, I read the Blog religiously. More posts, please!