Thursday, September 3, 2009

Labor Day !!

Hey Everyone! Big Mike too!!
Yes we are still alive and doing very well.
First things first...We will BE CLOSED SATURDAY,SEPTEMBER 5 for the Labor day weekend.
We will be open on Friday night in case you might need some extra fluids to aid in re-hydration.

We are making the Cranberry Special ale today so we can be ready for the fall rush.
Yeaterday was a brew day for Aran of Furthermore Brewing, we brewed up his first batches of Fallen Apple ale. That beer is about half fresh pressed apple cider!

The rest of the gang is downstairs bottling this morning, or at least trying to.
The filler has been playing games with us recently, sounds like it's time to tear it apart and pull out the gremlins.
Oh, you didn't know? That's how we power the bottling line,
we cant use old Norwegians any more due to government intervention. It's all about CHANGE.

Oktoberfest is just around the corner so make sure your calender is ready.
We just recieved the 2009 Oktoberfest mugs this week too, they are a two tone brown with a special 2009 logo.
Make sure you pick one up for your collection. The mugs are 22 oz. and intitle you to 6 oz. more beer per. fill during the fest.
All this for $25, no better deal anywhere.

See you all soon!!


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