Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh what a night!

Well we all made it through our first Halloween Party! I do want to take a moment and thank..
Char, Ena, Tom, Nate, Rhonda, Mike, Nancy, Todd, Tom, Bill, Joe, Lyall, Dale and Chris for helping out and getting this event off the ground. Special thanks to the Black River Historical Society, The Boys and Girls Club and Randy at Rosarios for helping with all of the eerie props.

Displays were all around the building which told of the tragic demise of the Oderbolz family. We had Charley in the Mash tun, Frank in a boat, and George and Edward prominently displayed. In our tap room we had reproductions of pictures from the Wisconsin Death Trip! Indeed - an eeeeeerie site all around.

The event kicked off right on time at 7pm and the Alex Wilson Band took the stage at 8pm. Let me tell you folks - it is without any exaggeration but I am sure we had the best damn band in town! Prizes were given out for 1st - 3rd with honorable mentions. I will try to post the pictures as soon as we get them in my hands!

Again a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for showing up in costume and having a killer time! (Pretty sure we will be having it again)

Let see what else - Oh yeah this is for the Packer Organization - I love you guys but for petes sake get #12 some freakin protection!! SHEESH! Nate said he would sign on as a free agent to teach your boys some of his moves.

Events this week are: St Francis Brewfest which will be held in Milwaukee - This event will be staffed by Nate and Ena. The other event is the Janesville Fall Brewfest - which will be staffed by Todd and Nancy - no wait, Tom, Jim and Dale - NO NO - changing again - Actually Mark will be down there pouring beer from 6-10pm on Saturday! :)

With that I shall get on with my day - Todd is brewing up a TON O' Beer today and tomorrow we are going to bottle our little noogies off. Something like 1300 cases or so.

Be well and dont forget that the doors open this Friday at 3pm for our usual fun and games with tours at 3:30pm.

Chat with you all later!

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Tom said...

Thanks to all for a great party! We had a blast as I'm sure everyone did. The band kicked ass! Hope they come back again. Thanks to Sand Creek for putting on another great event.
Good luck to Kevin on your surgery. We'll be thinking about you!
Tom and Char