Friday, January 18, 2008


Hi everyone.

I'm in brewing for the third time this week, Half Acre, Furthermore Proper and Port Washington Mile Rock. Things are picking up in the brewing world here.

The home brewing club was in last night and we had Kevin in hosting.
A big thanks go out to Kevin! Working on a nighttime bottling run or maybe a brew later this year, just our way to show the home brewers how this place runs.

The Packers are playing this weekend so it looks like a time to enjoy a few beers, I'm thinking about a couple of Griesedieck Pils.

The temps. at the game are to be about 0 for Sunday with the Packers favored by 7.
I'm thinking the Pack 21 Giants 10.
Sure would make watching the Superbowl this year more fun.

Jim's been working on our World Beer Cup entries, hope we can blow them out of the water again!

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