Monday, January 28, 2008

Brew day

Brewing Oscar's this morning and waiting for the rain. Yes rain and 40 in January 28 in Wisconsin.
I bet tomorrow will be a great day for driving.
We will be at the Jackson County tavern league party tonight. I won a gun last year, how about 2 in a row!
Our buddy Chuck from MSP will be stopping in today with his home brew versions on Bad Monkey. He won 2nd place in a contest in Minn. Maybe we can kick the Monkey up a bit and release it as a special release.
I'm planning on working on the depalitizer this week, got to get it done before the spring rush.
Looks like we have another Beer Club order to fill this spring, keep an eye on the blog for more info.
Speaking of beer clubs, we met with the BRF sports boosters and Skip from Buzz and Brew last night to work out some of the particulars for the beer and food event here in town May 17. Sounds like they are getting things worked out.
Well. back to brewing.

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