Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A day of morning

Well everyone the day of morning has passed.
Yes the Packers had no defence on Sunday and lost to the Giants.
Oh boy, Look's like a great Superbowl with the Pat's*(*cheaters*) and the Giants.
I guess I will have an open weekend.
I hear shopping and movies are empty that day.
News here at the brewery.. Brewing more Wild Ride and Oscar's this week.
Fest update, Jim, Mark or Dan will be at the Clintonville, Port Washington and the Neenah fests Friday and Saturday. Fest list: http://www.sandcreekbrewing.com/events.php
Black River Falls Boosters will be having a fest Saturday May 17 at the Fairgrounds. More news to come.
We made it thru the first sub zero weekend of the year with no frozen beer (70+hours below 0).
Sounds like another cold day or two to come this week.
OLEATOR Dopplebock is ready to be packaged, look for it in the next few weeks!
See you at a fest or the brewery soon!

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