Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dopplebock Is coming out soon

Well its been a long winter. The good news is that we are definitely on the back side of this particular season. The better news is we will be releasing the second in a series of "Special Reserve" beers. This time around it is the Oleator Dopplebock (yeah i know it can also be spelled Doppelbock too!). Todd did an amazing job with this beer - big bold taste with great body. It runs about 9% ABV. We will probably start shipping it out by the end of next week. I think it will be a great follow-up in the Special Reserve Series to the Imperial Porter.

Speaking of the Special Reserve - there are rumors in the Tap Room on last Friday night that the next release may be a Scotch Ale.

Let see whats currently on tap:

Griesedieck Golden Pilsener
Sand Creek Golden Ale
Groovy Brew
Woody's Wheat
Cranberry Special Ale
Wild Ride Special Ale
Oscar's Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
Hard Lemonade
....oh yeah and a special cask conditioned Imperial Stout on tap #1

Dan, Todd, and Kevin have been working hard at getting our home-made depalletizer designed-built and run. Should be pretty cool and help bottling day when we are all up and running. I may post some pictures when its all said and done.

Continue to work the Hop market to get supplied - they are expensive and scarce! Luckily we have procured enough to get us through.

Mark will be down at the Food and Froth at the Milwaukee Public Museum on Saturday. He will also be at the Milwaukee Ale House on Sunday (and I imagine home recovering on Monday ha!). Our friend Ted from Madison is representing us at the MHTG event on Sunday as well. Might try to slide on down to visit with our friends in Madison.

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