Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Its getting warmer!

Lemme tell you how I really feel about winter:

Ok on to the good stuff - Todd has been brewing like mad! First batch of Woody's Wheat ale was brewed along with a delicious batch of Oscar's Oatmeal Stout. Gotta love Oscar! Do you know Oscar? Events coming up this weekend are the Hops and Props at the EAA in Oshkosh - this event will be tended to by Woody Burns and his darling bride along with my big brudder Scott and his wife Jan. Stop by - say hello and try some of the beers they brought along. Our man Mark will be also in the Fox Valley and will be doing double duty by pouring beer at the Kohler Suds and Tubs as well as the Fond Du Lac Ag show. Please stop by and help support your local brewery wherever you are!

PS: Dopplebock has shipped to the fox valley, Milwaukee - Madison area and around the home turf. Pick up a 4 pack of the Oleator and let us know what you think. Tis a sure sign of spring!

Nuff for now! oh hey! If you have any comments please leave them! I know folks are reading my thoughts but comments are always welcome!

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