Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St Patty"s

Hi everyone!

Looks like we made it thru another St Patty's day. I myself had a bit of the Irish whisky last night to celebrate. A bit of Oscar's didn't hurt either!

Things are looking better on the hop front for us but I am not going to say it's perfect yet, let's just get thru this year.

Over the weekend Woody and Donna went up to Tomahawk to do some sampling and as per usual Donna sold clothes like they were water in a desert. That girl has a nack for selling panties!

This Friday is our *uc* Winter party here at the brewery. Everyone is invited for the $1 pints and food. Kevin is bringing in the smoker and he will be cooking up pork tenderloin and beef brisket. If you haven't been around to taste his work you are missing it. Why Kevin spent his life getting stressed out in prison I'll never know. His calling was smoking, heck he could have been just as stressed out running a restaurant! The fighting and threats would have been the same!

If your coming just bring in a little something to pass.
This weekend is Easter so make sure you are stocked up on your favorites because the Easter bunny is just like Santa, he likes to find a little something waiting for him when he's delivering the Easter eggs!
Well, it's the middle of the night and I'm brewing so I best get back to work.
Hope to see you all on Friday.

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Tom said...

Hey Todd!
See you Friday! Can't wait...I'm thirsty!