Monday, February 9, 2009

2075 and STILL counting!

Well we made it through another weekend. I want to give a shout out to all of the folks that made Friday night a truly great night. First off a big thank you to everyone who attended the festivities. As usual we had a TON of food. The Tegarosa Cattle Company did the honors with smoked pork tenderloin, venison and turkey. It was fabulous! Many thanks to everyone that brought a dish to pass around. Everything was delicious and there wasn't much left at the end of the evening!

Special thanks to the crew that helped put this event on - Todd, Nate, Dan, Donna, Kevin, Lizzy, Nancy, Trish, Sherry, Leif, Charlotte, Tom , Ena, Mike, Rhonda, Bill, Pic and Cora too! (Cora was in charge of quality control of all meat products). If I miss anyone my sincerest apologies! THANK YOU ALL!

Atlantic Wave put on a stellar show even with Barry having about 1/3 vocal capacity. We estimated we had about 300 folks in here on and off through the night. We had many old friends (Dan - it was good to see you!) show up along with many new ones! All in all a rousing success.

This weekend we have a few tastings I believe but no major fests. Usual fun on Friday at 3pm.

Next Month - we will be shut down for a weekend for some spring cleaning and painting. As soon as we get the date figured out I will post it here. Becauase we will be depriving you all of a Friday night of fun and games, our next BIG night will be March 20th which is the Spring Equinox (leaving no doubt we will get at LEAST 3459734525 inches of snow!) Food and Entertainment will assuredly be available. Details posted as they develop!

Have a good week everyone!

(The 2075 notation is the counter we installed when the blog was started! It keeps moving up - slowly but surely - feel free to leave comments and such!)

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