Friday, February 27, 2009


Good times a coming! On March 20th we will be having our 2nd annual SCREW winter Party! Invariably I am expecting about 12 inches of snow that day! Doors will open at 3pm for tours and such. Food and vittles around 6pm and we will have local acoustic entertainment from 7 to 10ish. I will post more details as they become apparent.

Well looks like we made it through another week! And quite a week it was. The usual stuff at the brewery, beer a brewing, beer a filtering, beer a bottling and beer a leaving!

Last weekend we had a pretty amazing set of beer fests! On Saturday, Mark poured beer at the Milwaukee Public Museum's Food and Froth event. Todd poured beer at the Manitowoc event and on Sunday I poured beer at the Milwaukee Ale House's - Mid Winter brewfest! At the Ale house we had a new FOP (Friend of the program) pour beer. Our good friend Ryan did one heck of a job getting folks to try our beers and he has signed on for the duration.

This weekend - Todd will be over on the East Cost of Wisconsin (sorta) and pouring beer at the F.A.C.E.S. event (check the website for details!) Other than that it will be a quiet one with the excepetion for the major project here at the brewery - we are starting to paint the interior. And when I say "We" I am NOT refering to a past memory of a carnival ride but refer to that Pic will be spearheading the outfit with a little help from Nate, Todd and Myself.

Usual fun and games at the brewery this evening! Doors open at 3pm - Tours at 3:30.

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