Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oscar is in the house!

There is nothing better than walking into the brewhouse at the crack of dawn and smelling the wonderful scents of another batch of Oscar wafting through a building. Yes its brewing day. Todd and Nate have whipped up another batch of our award winning stout. Now if I can get a steady supply of it infused with nitrogen...

Not a lot to report today. Just the usual end of year madness, minor and major project completion and of course selling beer. Todd, Dan, Nate and our friend Rob have been doing a great job getting our custom made depalletizer put together. Our first run will be tomorrow morning. If you hear breaking glass - just blame Leif!

Dont forget our festivities this coming Friday and look for a one special event at the brewery each and every month in addition to our usual Friday fun. No big beer fests this week but the weekend of the 21st we will be well represented at the Manitowoc Brewfest (attended by Der Brewmeister), The Food and Froth at the Milwaukee Public Museum (Mark) and on Sunday the 22nd the Midwinter Brewfest at the Milwaukee Ale Houe (Beer being poured by Pic, Barry and me)

Thats all for now!

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